Abbie Rumbach essay: Family Fitness, a Tale of Two Sisters

My sister is an exercise lunatic. She’s been that way her entire life, and if my memory as an 18 month-old child serves me correctly,  I am 100% accurate in this assessment.  When my mom brought my new baby sister home from the hospital, she promptly began bicep curling her bottle and she hasn’t stopped curling, twisting or lifting since. 

She was always flipping outside in the yard, while I was inside eating Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips and waiting for Growing Pains to start. Sure, I would occasionally join her in her outdoor antics, but I’d stop as soon as I felt remotely uncomfortable. Sweat, insects, dirt – yeah, all of those things made me uncomfortable. So, I’d turn a few cartwheels and head on in for a weekly dose of Kirk Cameron and his shenanigans as Michael Aaron Seaver. Yes I know his First, Middle and Last Name – I had his posters all over my room. Kirk Cameron was dreamy. 

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