Steczyk/Cummings: Hey, Mr. Messina/Against The Law

wjtsmarcmikeHere is an audio from a past Tri-Cap benefit show, the first song written and sung by Marc Steczyk, the second a Billy Bragg and Wilco song covered by Michael Cummings. Travis McQueen on keys, Evan Elrod on drums, Ed Walston on bass. AKA–The Band With No Name.

Ed Walston Vietnam War Memoir: Grandmother

One of the original four of Will Read and Sing For Food, Ed Walston is a musician, essayist and Vietnam War Veteran. This month, he self-published a book filled with his memoirs and poetry related to Vietnam. Here is one of the pieces he read for our show a couple years ago to raise money for Community Food Bank in Jasper, Indiana. Reach him thru Facebook if you’d like to buy a copy. It’s only $10. The purchase is a great way to honor a living soldier and servant of our great country. Welcome back, Ed.

Bethany Boeglin covers Desperado at our Will Read and Sing For Habitat For Humanity show

University of Evansville Sophomore Bethany Boeglin has performed at several of our benefit shows. Listen to this and see why we keep begging her back. Nice guitar work by Ed Walston.

Ed Walston performs Volstead Blues (One-eyed Dog)

folked1Here’s a song Ed Walston sang at a show to raise money for Tri-Cap earlier this year. I wrote the lyrics and he added some lyrics and pieced the song together. That’s Ed in the photo.Background vocals: Jaime Bolin.

She Loves Me All Over

Post by Scott Saalman

One of the great things about being surrounded by some great local musicians who donate their time and talent to Will Read and Sing For Food is that they sometimes turn my lyrics into actual songs. Here’s one I wrote that was brought to life by my song-writing partner Marc Steczyk. It is called She Loves Me All Over. The song came to me while I was driving between Jasper and Santa Claus, Indiana, causing me to pull over several times to write down the words on pieces of a Wendy’s napkin. Performing on this video are Marc, Kris Lasher, Billie and Buddy Hart, Ed Walston and Kasha Schwartz Phillips. This was during a fundraiser backstage at Jasper Community Arts Center, during which we raised money for a very close cause of ours: Paul Michael Ash Endowment for Music and the Arts.