Lullalies, by Scott Saalman and Kris Lasher, as aired by WNIN’s The Trend public radio talk show

scottkrisPost by Scott Saalman

The very first piece Kris Lasher and I did together was Lullalies. This was before Will Read and Sing For Food even existed. Now and then, we do it in our show. This version was aired on WNIN’s The Trend. Thank you, Kris.

Scott Saalman’s Nose Hairs Gone Wild essay on WNIN 88.3

What does the theme from “Hair” and “Baba O’Riley” have to do with my Nose Hairs? Check out this old WNIN essay of mine to find out–if you dare. I also read this at times during our Will Read and Sing For Food show.